A local fisherman in the river next to Pak Se in Laos. Skulls collected from the Killing fields outside of Phnom Penh. Laos/Vietnam border a misty morning. Onboard train near Varanasi early morning. A road in the hills of Tzoumerka in western Greece. A view inside the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai. Standing on the 80:th floor looking down to the 50:th where the reception of the hotel is. Three monks posing on a bench in Angkor Wat for a man to take a picture. I was right behind them and took this shot. A man working as a guide at the Red Mosque in Delhi took a spontaneous nap in the Mosque yard. A motorbike-driver on his midday-nap. Children running along the train and begging outside of Udaipur. Haad Rin harbor. Koh Phangan, Thailand Bangkok, Thailand Morning view from Lefkas town. Viewing the sky within the atrium of the Gaudi building in Barcelona. From the Hellenic Motor Museum in Athens. The round exit inside the Vatican museum. A sweet Fiat 500 from the 500 Touring Club fleet in Florence.